Publication — Rising and Falling: How We Walk in Tampa

Rising and Falling: How We Walk in Tampa is a publication that resulted from our 8 month effort to work with walking, in a city that renders disposable bodies not confined to vehicles. This small book is our way of reflecting on our work, but it is also meant as a teaching and learning tool for young people in Tampa who may form their own walking communities. Contributors: Laura Bergeron, Rozalinda Borcila, Martin Bosman, Robert Brinkman, Desiree D’Alessandro, Sarah Hendricks, Sarah Lewison, Lou Marcus, Alan Moore, Raul Romero, Victoria Skelly

The book contains 5 durational walking projects and 6 walk/talks, folded in a handmade box. We have made a limited number of hardcopies (running out of the energy and time to make more boxes !!), and are distributing to friends and allies; please contact Rozalinda at if you would like us to mail you one. A hires pdf is available online at

This is a large file, please be patient. The book layout puts the walking conversations in relation with the durational walks; it includes images and descriptions of the walks and documents their translation in a number of different public exhibition situations. I am working on translating the booklet into a web-friendly presentation, with links to images and videos.

Below are excerpts from the Introduction, a transcribed introduction to a walking seminar with Sarah Lewison and the first walk/talk with Martin Bosman.
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Rising and Falling: How we Walk in Tampa

Dates: November 26 – December 1 2007

A week of participatory walks, PDF available HERE
Walking and Not Walking has returned, with small experiments and workshops over the past few months. You are invited to participate in this week long series of events in Tampa – from the USF campus to the Hyde Park Historic Village and the Sulfur Springs Kmart desert.

1. Stroll Towards a Dream (Home)
In this intimate walking tour, you will guided by your friendly Dream Estate Agent through Historic Hyde Park. You will be exploring, shopping for and acquiring your ideal “home”.
When: Tue, Nov 27 — Thu, Nov 29 – Fri, Nov 30 between 3-5 PM
Where: Old Hyde Park
To participate: To reserve a spot on this walking tour, contact Laura Bergeron, your friendly Dream Estate Agent:


encephalizing mayday: return to the 8 hour work day!

A group of us walked through Chicago on April 30 to visit and commemorate the failed/interupted meeting of anarchist labor organizers at Haymarket Square. We walked without directions or much knowledge of the city, relying on other Chicago pedestrians to give us directions to our goal.

Most of the people we talked to were unaware of the Haymarket riot. We did get a cool guide to commemorating anarchist events published by Chicago Info shop–courtesy of the luxury W hotel! Does the W possibly stand for …. Work?

for images, click pic above; also , another set of images here 

Here is some stuff to refresh your memories about Mayday. 1886 is the year that marks Mayday as a workers holiday. (more…)

Walk to the beach gallery

Images and musings from the Tampa walk to the beach are now uploaded at

Invitation – Ephem Business Directory Walk

Another Tampa walk
This Ephemeral Business Directory walk is on Wednesday April 19th at 7pm leaving from The Park on Sligh and 12th st. (2 blocks west of Nebraska) There is a pre-walk scouting expedition, on Saturday afternoon 1pm-3pm*
*For more information email – chelsea goodwin (more…)

Center for Getting Ugly invites you to the Open House!!


Images from the Center for Getting Ugly Open House, a public presentation of different diagrams for action/intervention in the city of Tampa which collectively constitute “Why don’t we all just get along? Counter Cartographies of Playing Nice”.  Documentation of subsequent activities, including actions resulting from this work, will be be posted on this site. The evening ended with a meeting around the cob oven to discuss and plan walking interventions as part of the Center’s continuing Walking and Not Walking initiative. The first walk is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th.

Open House + Not-Walk

You are invited to the Center for Getting Ugly Open House this Friday, hosted on April 7th, 8-11 PM at the USF School of Art and Art History in Tampa. Please look for the following activities:

1. “Can’t We All Just Get Along? Counter-Cartographies of Playing Nice” . Invited or self-appointed Special Fellows have been researching the production of compliance in various concrete situations, with particular emphasis on the urban landscape. (more…)


Center for Getting Ugly Special Fellows Sue Kenney and Alexandra Matute are self-appointing to the Council of Peripheral Visionaries and inviting you to yet another sleep-out (more…)