Here are a few images from the public hearing at the ICA, instigated by BLW (Rozalinda Borcila, Sarah Lewison and Julie Wyman) and Think Tank that has yet to be named (represented by Lena Helen and Meredith Warner). project description and more details about the investigation can be found HERE. Below is a summary of Assessment as to the Perpetration of Harm:

– Language is deceiving the public about civic and other plans.
– Language conceals the reality of the kinds of lives people are really living and the intent of activities people are engaged in.
– Language refers to civic engagement, but works to disable participatory democracy, or to work against civic education, or to actively create stupidity.
– Language facilitates diversions of funding or diversions of property from places it is needed.
– Language is pre-empting the possibility of alternative futures by “putting words in people’s mouths.”

Click HERE for testimony submitted in absentia by Jeremy Beaudry of Think Tank that has Yet to be named
Click HERE for more on the hearing from the website of Think Tank that has yet to be named


Public Hearing
Saturday March 10, 2007
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Institute of Contemporary Art – 118 South 36th Street in Philadelphia, PA.

The Coalition of Inquiry into the State of the Future (herein referred to as “The Coalition”) alleges that
language used in certain documents of public and journalistic record, and written with the
intention of informing a general public as to the nature of certain subjects (below), bears a spurious
and suspicious relationship to the truth.

The Coalition further alleges such language has the potential of causing harm through false
representation, through the perpetration of an illusion of participatory democracy, and through other
forms of harm to be assessed. The subjects allegedly misrepresented by said language include but are not
restricted to the following:

I) The nature and demographics of the city of Philadelphia

II) The transparent and participatory nature of certain institutions and current and future initiatives associated with the city of Philadelphia

III) The condition for artists and cultural workers in the city of Philadelphia.

IV) The condition and status of working people and/or residents of the city of Philadelphia.

V) The nature of democracy and democratic process


Plausible Art Worlds

Plausible-Artworld3.jpgtipsy and ugly will be going to Philly in September 2006, invited by Basekamp — see below.


Basekamp & received a 2006 Philadelphia Exhibitions initative grant to plan Plausible Artworlds, an international conference and exhibition (to take place in 2007), with a significant web component, devoted to collaborative and socially-engaged artists’ projects and open forms of curatorial practice.

The funding so far is for planning only – we are still seeking funds to stage the actual planned project. In the interim we are asking a small selection of groups to work with us during the planning process in 2006. We see this process as a kind of ’project-in-itself’ which can be a chance to meet, talk and think together about the future. We hope this initial planning stage will grow organically into the planned event for 2007, with tangible outcomes along the way.