workshop in pirate radio and transmitter assembly


after discussions about the public sphere, regulation of the airwaves, and media monopolies, our workshop lasted half a day: by its end we had built four transmitters, daisychained them and we were going on the air. the workshop itself was also broadcast using neuroTransmitter’s more powerful transistor backpak. notice Wayne’s beutiful drawings of transistors, resistors and capacitors in the background….

Valerie in the air chair

Valerie in the air chair

Valerie Tavere and Wayne Hodge of neuroTransmitter are with common_places in Tampa to present their work and, next day, to conduct a pirate radio workshop. Valerie summons the vibes…

Tampa: lounging…


our screening and napping area. visitors can select a vhs/dvd to project and share a mattress. sleeping and snoring welcome

Tampa: screening “Retooling Dissent”

viewing "Retooling Dissent"

viewing “Retooling Dissent”; one of three screening areas

Tampa: surfing


laptops are made available for leisurely web surfing, or to view DVD’s/CD’s

Tampa: at your own pace

books and booklets, brochures, magazines, photos, posters, print-outs, newspapers… you can browse at your own pace in the air chairs.


invitation to common_places:Tampa

common_places Tampa
Oliver Gallery – University of South Florida
October 20-30 2004
For directions call (813)974-9226 or see

An itinerant resource to connect various forms of resistance, creativity, critique, action. A developing resource on cooperative practice. A place for consulting collective intelligence, exchange of resources, dialogue. A place to read, watch movies, browse, sleep, eat, talk, share, play, use and re-invent. An exercise in free public space.

Open 24 hours per day – once open, our doors will not close!

We have available internet-linked computers, VHS and DVD players (NTSC and PAL), a free Xerox machine and free CD’s for copying information … and free water and coffee. Our growing resource includes books, pamphlets, print-outs, Xerox copies, photos, posters, sound and video works…. We have viewing, seating, lounging, napping and play areas.

Special events:
Daily coffee – 5-7AM
Daily lunch – baked potatoes @ noon. Many thanks to USF Ceramics for use of their kilns
Thu, Oct 21st , 8PM – film screenings
Mon, Oct 25th 8PM – town meeting: initiatives and actions planned around the elections
Tues, Oct 26th 8PM – round table talk-in: resistance in a conservative state, activism in Florida
Thu, Oct 28th 4-6 PM – neuroTransmitter is here!
Fri, Oct 29th 11AM-4PM – hands-on workshop in pirate radio and transmitter assembly. Get on the air!! On-site radio broadcasts Friday and Saturday
Saturday, Oct 29th 8PM – food and drink (aka closing reception) featuring the Mobile Performance Group from deLand, Florida

We are happy to offer you our space for your events, meetings, teach-ins; we are open to local collaborative projects in need of production space or staging areas. For additional info, or to schedule your use of the space, contact