“Art Schools Burning and Other Songs of Love and War”

article by Gene Ray
(full article with endnotes)

“Like enfants perdus, we live our uncompleted adventures”. Debord, Howls for Sade

“It is certainly true that if the problem of the group’s functioning is not posed to begin with, it will be too late afterward”. Deleuze, “Three Group-Related Problems”

One day long ago – back in 1960s, or was it the 1970s? – the radical avant-gardes became a formal object of institutionalized art history. Sometime in the wake of dada’s belated post-1945 “reception,” the histories of militant art groups from the early twentieth century were absorbed by the academy, and the precedents were established by which every groupuscule working in the shadows and border zones of culture – if it ever once emerges into visibility, if it fails to utterly cover its tracks – is fated to eventually have its history written. Before that, the cultural establishment had simply ignored them. (more…)