Workshop with Brian Holmes

The Stuart S. Golding Endowment Lecture Series and the common_places Center for Getting Ugly invite you to a series of provocative lectures, discussions and workshops with Brian Holmes

March 6-9, on the USF campus, FAS building, all events free and open to the public.

Monday, March 6 6-8 PM in FAH 288
Lecture: The Potential Personality: Trans-subjectivity in the society of control
This presentation considers the possibilities for art practice in the society of control – characterized by procedures which “channel perception, intellection and affection into predetermined behaviors”.

“Reverse Imagineering” by Brian Holmes

We are posting this in anticipation of our series of lectures and discussions with Brian Holmes, organized by the Center for Getting Ugly. Many thanks to Brian for his generosity.

“Reverse Imagineering: Toward the New Urban Struggles,
Or: Why Smash the State When Your Neighborhood Theme Park Is So Much Closer?”
Brian Holmes

“What are the steps in the creation of a Disney attraction? According to literature sent out by WDW [Walt Disney World], the steps are: storyboard, script, concept, show models, sculpture, show set design, graphics, interiors, architectural design, molds and casting, wardrobe and figure finishing, electronic and mechanical design and manufacture, show sets and prop construction, animation, audio, special effects and lighting, and engineering.” [The Unofficial Walt Disney Imagineering Page (]