Walk to the beach gallery

Images and musings from the Tampa walk to the beach are now uploaded at

Invitation – Ephem Business Directory Walk

Another Tampa walk
This Ephemeral Business Directory walk is on Wednesday April 19th at 7pm leaving from The Park on Sligh and 12th st. (2 blocks west of Nebraska) There is a pre-walk scouting expedition, on Saturday afternoon 1pm-3pm*
*For more information email c.thing@gmail.com – chelsea goodwin (more…)

Center for Getting Ugly invites you to the Open House!!


Images from the Center for Getting Ugly Open House, a public presentation of different diagrams for action/intervention in the city of Tampa which collectively constitute “Why don’t we all just get along? Counter Cartographies of Playing Nice”.  Documentation of subsequent activities, including actions resulting from this work, will be be posted on this site. The evening ended with a meeting around the cob oven to discuss and plan walking interventions as part of the Center’s continuing Walking and Not Walking initiative. The first walk is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th.

Invitation: Walk To the Beach

Kara Holland invites participants on a walk from the Westshore Palms neighborhood to the beach located directly west, less than 1 mile away. (more…)

Open House + Not-Walk

You are invited to the Center for Getting Ugly Open House this Friday, hosted on April 7th, 8-11 PM at the USF School of Art and Art History in Tampa. Please look for the following activities:

1. “Can’t We All Just Get Along? Counter-Cartographies of Playing Nice” . Invited or self-appointed Special Fellows have been researching the production of compliance in various concrete situations, with particular emphasis on the urban landscape. (more…)