Here are a few images from the public hearing at the ICA, instigated by BLW (Rozalinda Borcila, Sarah Lewison and Julie Wyman) and Think Tank that has yet to be named (represented by Lena Helen and Meredith Warner). project description and more details about the investigation can be found HERE. Below is a summary of Assessment as to the Perpetration of Harm:

– Language is deceiving the public about civic and other plans.
– Language conceals the reality of the kinds of lives people are really living and the intent of activities people are engaged in.
– Language refers to civic engagement, but works to disable participatory democracy, or to work against civic education, or to actively create stupidity.
– Language facilitates diversions of funding or diversions of property from places it is needed.
– Language is pre-empting the possibility of alternative futures by “putting words in people’s mouths.”

Click HERE for testimony submitted in absentia by Jeremy Beaudry of Think Tank that has Yet to be named
Click HERE for more on the hearing from the website of Think Tank that has yet to be named

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