Rising and Falling: How we Walk in Tampa

Dates: November 26 – December 1 2007

A week of participatory walks, PDF available HERE
Walking and Not Walking has returned, with small experiments and workshops over the past few months. You are invited to participate in this week long series of events in Tampa – from the USF campus to the Hyde Park Historic Village and the Sulfur Springs Kmart desert.

1. Stroll Towards a Dream (Home)
In this intimate walking tour, you will guided by your friendly Dream Estate Agent through Historic Hyde Park. You will be exploring, shopping for and acquiring your ideal “home”.
When: Tue, Nov 27 — Thu, Nov 29 – Fri, Nov 30 between 3-5 PM
Where: Old Hyde Park
To participate: To reserve a spot on this walking tour, contact Laura Bergeron, your friendly Dream Estate Agent:
(813)751-4609 laura.m.bergeron@gmail.com

2. Sleep Walk/Talk
In this ongoing series, the artist wakes you up in the middle of the night to embark on a sleep walk through your neighborhood. This project explores our willingness or reluctance to become estranged in our most familiar environment.
When: Thu, Nov 29 – Fri ,Nov 30 – Sat, Dec 1 between 2-5 AM
Where: meet and begin at your residence
To participate contact Desiree D’Alessandro with your availability and to arrange a sleep walk/talk.
(813)312-3512, D.A.DALESSANDRO@gmail.com
see also http://www.desiree-dalessandro.com/sleepwalktalk.html for instructions on how to do self-directed sleep walks (you can call toll free 1 (641)715-0101, code 4762278 to leave a digital recording of your walk)

3. Desert Walk
Following the flow of cracks in the pavement, let’s cross the desert at the Sulfur Springs K-Mart Parking lot.
When: Wed, Nov 28 – Thu, Nov 29 – Sat, Dec 1 between 2:30 – 3:30 PM
Other times TBA
Where: K-Mart Sulfur Springs, 8245 N Florida Ave – (just N of the river)
To participate: contact Raul Romero rauljromero@gmail.com or just meet directly in front of the K-Mart

4. Circle of Surveillance Walk
This is a walk in which participants will survey the area around the Fine Arts Building on the USF Campus. We will explore how well we know our everyday working environment through detailed observation and quantitative methods.
When: Tue, Nov 27 – Thu, Nov 29 between 3:30 – 5:30 PM
Where: FAH building, USF Campus
To participate: meet Ginger anytime in front of the advising office (ground floor, red double doors) and depart from there

5. Ingestion Walk
Under the gentle guidance of your facilitator, you will spend time slowly exploring your senses, focusing particularly on taste. You will simultaneously explore your relational perceptions in “everyday” environments. Each walk takes approx. 30 min
When: Weds, Nov 28 at noon – Tue, Dec 4 at 6:30 PM, other times TBA
Where: meet in the courtyard of FAH (Fine Arts Building, USF Campus)
To participate: contact Victoria to reserve a spot and to check on all available times.

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