Whittier Occupation, day 20

CPS has sent People’s Gas to shut off the service for the Whittier Field House. The previous attempts to shut down water failed when the plumbers dispatched decided they were union men and refused in their words, to “cross picket lines”. The demolition contractors also were successfully blocked, and even the cops hesitated and then backed off when protestors stormed the barricades and surrounded the schoolyard. In all these instances, parents and protesters were able to trigger nervousness or empathy in the individuals dispatched against them; hesitation turned into resistance and solidarity, albeit grudgingly so.
But this was not so in the case of People’s Gas and its workers; service was promptly shut off, leaving the fieldhouse with no heat, on one of the coldest days of the season so far. Clearly People’s Gas is not really… people’s gas. So, whose gas is it, anyway??? (research topic for future post).

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