Whittier Parents and Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel has got his eyes on the prize: the dream of speculative capital otherwise known as Chicago, the world’s best-greased political machine, the logistics management epicenter, ground zero of financial governance from futures markets to the theoretical invention of neoliberal economics (and well-groomed boys who brought it to you first) to climate exchange. White House chief of staff?? Chump change, Obama is not likely to produce a dynasty. Emanuel is getting into the real game this time.
Today began Rahm’s “listening tour”, a form of armored vehicle whizzing about branding the guy as open, engaged and in touch with the people — and what could be more dialogical, what could be more empathetic than listening? Democrats claiming jurisdiction: we’re your only saviors from the “bad guys”, its us against them… it is a kind of incorporation, life as an exposure to death.

The Whittier Moms and their kids blocked Emanuel’s car today and enforced a little bit of listening upon him.

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