Call for Interventions


Global Webcast, Saturday, August 12 2006, 15:00 – 19:00 PM CEST [–> 16:00 – 20:00 EEST]

Outraged at Israel’s ongoing aggression on Lebanon – which since July 12 2006 has killed over 900 people (mostly civilians), displaced nearly one million people (1/4 of Lebanon’s entire population), and wrecked Lebanon’s infrastructure and economy – we say: khalas! enough! (more…)

Dispatch from Oaxaca

by Nancy Davies
August 1, 2006

In the manner of a marcha de las caserolas made famous in Argentina, the women of Oaxaca took to the streets with their pots, frying pans and spoons to beat out the call “Ruiz Fuera!” Ruiz out!

On Tuesday morning about 2,000 women gathered at the Plaza of Siete Regiones and marched toward the zocalo, a distance of five miles. Along the route they were greeted by cheering onlookers who handed them water and waved signs in support of the social movement that has set as its first and foremost goal the removal from office of the governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz (URO). The women tapped out the rhythm of “Ya Cayó” and used pan covers as cymbals. Many carried wooden spoons and drummed on their frying pans.

ARTISTS’ BOOKS IN (what was formerly known as) EASTERN EUROPE

by What, how and for Whom/WHW , from

What, How & for Whom (WHW) is a non-profit organization for visual culture and curators’ collective formed in 1999 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. Its members are curators Ivet Ćurlin, Ana Dević , Natasa Ilić and Sabina Sabolović , and designer and publicist Dejan Krsić . Since May 2003 WHW has been directing the program of Gallery Nova – a non-profit, city-owned gallery in Zagreb.  (more…)

Letters from Gaza – testimonies

forwarded by Sama Alshaibi

Palestinian Center for Human Rights (17 July 2006)


Dr. Fawwaz Abu Sitta, 53
Economics Professor at al-Azhar University

I am a professor of economics at al-Azhar University. I live with my wife, Anika Fagner, a German citizen, and my son, 18-year-old Suleiman, in a 3-story villa. We live on the second floor of the building. My brother Nawaf, an engineer, lives with his wife and his two daughters, 13-year-old Nouran and 7-year-old Dana, on the third floor. Fortunately, my mother, 82, is in Cairo visiting her daughter. (more…)

Letters from Rasha, Lebanon

forwarded by Greg Sholette

Dear All,

I am drafting this entry in this unusual diary at 11:30 pm, I have about half an hour before the generator shuts down. Most of Beirut is in the dark. I dare not imagine what the country is like. Today was a relatively calm day, but like most calm days that come immediately after tumultuous days, it was a sinister day of taking stock of damage, pulling bodies from under destroyed buildings, shuttling injured to hospitals that have the capacity to tend to their wounds more adequately. (more…)

new additions to the blog

6Plus is a collective of artists living in the US who have been trying to develop projects in Palestine in collaboration with 7 Palestinian women artists. Two exhibitions are scheduled for September at the International Center in Bethlehem, and December at the Sakakini in Ramallah. The December exhibit is also intended as the conclusion of a collaboration with a group of young women from a refugee camp close to Bethlehem. (more…)

encephalizing mayday: return to the 8 hour work day!

A group of us walked through Chicago on April 30 to visit and commemorate the failed/interupted meeting of anarchist labor organizers at Haymarket Square. We walked without directions or much knowledge of the city, relying on other Chicago pedestrians to give us directions to our goal.

Most of the people we talked to were unaware of the Haymarket riot. We did get a cool guide to commemorating anarchist events published by Chicago Info shop–courtesy of the luxury W hotel! Does the W possibly stand for …. Work?

for images, click pic above; also , another set of images here 

Here is some stuff to refresh your memories about Mayday. 1886 is the year that marks Mayday as a workers holiday. (more…)

Walk to the beach gallery

Images and musings from the Tampa walk to the beach are now uploaded at

Invitation – Ephem Business Directory Walk

Another Tampa walk
This Ephemeral Business Directory walk is on Wednesday April 19th at 7pm leaving from The Park on Sligh and 12th st. (2 blocks west of Nebraska) There is a pre-walk scouting expedition, on Saturday afternoon 1pm-3pm*
*For more information email – chelsea goodwin (more…)

Center for Getting Ugly invites you to the Open House!!


Images from the Center for Getting Ugly Open House, a public presentation of different diagrams for action/intervention in the city of Tampa which collectively constitute “Why don’t we all just get along? Counter Cartographies of Playing Nice”.  Documentation of subsequent activities, including actions resulting from this work, will be be posted on this site. The evening ended with a meeting around the cob oven to discuss and plan walking interventions as part of the Center’s continuing Walking and Not Walking initiative. The first walk is scheduled for Saturday, April 15th.

Invitation: Walk To the Beach

Kara Holland invites participants on a walk from the Westshore Palms neighborhood to the beach located directly west, less than 1 mile away. (more…)

Open House + Not-Walk

You are invited to the Center for Getting Ugly Open House this Friday, hosted on April 7th, 8-11 PM at the USF School of Art and Art History in Tampa. Please look for the following activities:

1. “Can’t We All Just Get Along? Counter-Cartographies of Playing Nice” . Invited or self-appointed Special Fellows have been researching the production of compliance in various concrete situations, with particular emphasis on the urban landscape. (more…)


Center for Getting Ugly Special Fellows Sue Kenney and Alexandra Matute are self-appointing to the Council of Peripheral Visionaries and inviting you to yet another sleep-out (more…)

Iraqui Women Call for Peace

March 9, 2006
CONTACT: John Arnaldi 813-974-7363 or 813-988-0734

As Violence Escalates in Iraq, Dr. Entisar Mohammad Ariabi will speak at the USF College of Public Health in Tampa on March 15, 2006 about daily life in Iraq, the impact of war upon public health, and the possibility of an impending civil war. (more…)

Sami Al-Arian Defense Fund

Coming to Tampa to Benefit The Citizen’s Committee for the Legal Defense of Sami Al-Arian

Dave Lippman With George Shrub, The World’s Only Known Singing CIA Agent (more…)

Tampa Rally to Ban Torture

Friday, March 17, 12:30 – 1:30 PM
Across from the US Federal Courthouse
1000 N. Florida Ave. Tampa, FL
Sponsored by the Social Action Committee of First United Church (UCC) Tampa, Tampa Bay Friends of Human Rights, Tampa Bay Peace with Justice Network

Workshop with Brian Holmes

The Stuart S. Golding Endowment Lecture Series and the common_places Center for Getting Ugly invite you to a series of provocative lectures, discussions and workshops with Brian Holmes

March 6-9, on the USF campus, FAS building, all events free and open to the public.

Monday, March 6 6-8 PM in FAH 288
Lecture: The Potential Personality: Trans-subjectivity in the society of control
This presentation considers the possibilities for art practice in the society of control – characterized by procedures which “channel perception, intellection and affection into predetermined behaviors”.

“Reverse Imagineering” by Brian Holmes

We are posting this in anticipation of our series of lectures and discussions with Brian Holmes, organized by the Center for Getting Ugly. Many thanks to Brian for his generosity.

“Reverse Imagineering: Toward the New Urban Struggles,
Or: Why Smash the State When Your Neighborhood Theme Park Is So Much Closer?”
Brian Holmes

“What are the steps in the creation of a Disney attraction? According to literature sent out by WDW [Walt Disney World], the steps are: storyboard, script, concept, show models, sculpture, show set design, graphics, interiors, architectural design, molds and casting, wardrobe and figure finishing, electronic and mechanical design and manufacture, show sets and prop construction, animation, audio, special effects and lighting, and engineering.” [The Unofficial Walt Disney Imagineering Page (]

“The radical left in the postcommunist epoch”

Joanne Richardson

This is the first of a three-part series of essays: (1) the radical left in the postcommunist epoch; (2) the neoliberal & the neofascist right in Romania; (3) protest movements, social forums and the myth of civil society. It argues that the radical left begins from an affirmation of the real democratization of the economy, politics and culture, which means rejecting both postcommunism and communism. This democratization is based on a unity of principles, not on sharing identical visions, practices or goals.

They say we had a revolution in Romania. Ceausescu was executed. And with his death, a society of bureaucratic privilege and control over the economy, politics, culture and most details of daily life began to wither away. According to the cliché that now passes for a self-evident truth, the left = communism = totalitarianism = antidemocratic. After 1989, public opinion was unified in praising the new “right” wing government that came to power in the wake of Ceausescu’s regime because whatever was not communist had to be on the side of freedom and democracy. (more…)

“Art Schools Burning and Other Songs of Love and War”

article by Gene Ray
(full article with endnotes)

“Like enfants perdus, we live our uncompleted adventures”. Debord, Howls for Sade

“It is certainly true that if the problem of the group’s functioning is not posed to begin with, it will be too late afterward”. Deleuze, “Three Group-Related Problems”

One day long ago – back in 1960s, or was it the 1970s? – the radical avant-gardes became a formal object of institutionalized art history. Sometime in the wake of dada’s belated post-1945 “reception,” the histories of militant art groups from the early twentieth century were absorbed by the academy, and the precedents were established by which every groupuscule working in the shadows and border zones of culture – if it ever once emerges into visibility, if it fails to utterly cover its tracks – is fated to eventually have its history written. Before that, the cultural establishment had simply ignored them. (more…)

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