new blog – welcome back!

dear friends

after some trouble with the previous blog, we have managed to migrate most of the posts here. we have also recently created a back-up photo album on flickr, which should (?) contain more images than the ones on this site — any of the thumbnails here will send you to flickr, where you can browse our image sets. apologies for some date inconsistencies or drop-offs, this is a work in progress.

a few words about our interest in blogging:
we are still developing this practice, and found the question of how to represent the project a difficult one. we wish to avoid, at least for the time being if not forever, a representational logic that would overdetermine the work. a blog is not necessarily the perfect answer, perhaps the recent coolness of blogging (isn’t that what all the kids are doing?) it subsumes the work within a very particular logic, and complicates our desire to travel slowly. our active withdrawal from certain strategies of visual representation is not an uncritical engagements with virtual space, as though ideologically neutral. finally, as you may have noticed, our efforts are also marked by our primitive use of canned software, and visually our blog only minimally departs from a prefabricated profile. but we believe in free software, and we are, to be honest, somewhat charmed by the transparency of a canned blog. this site will develop as our relationship with it becomes clarified or complicated. we gladly welcome conversations about this format.