A Meeting is a Question Between

BLW is participating in the Pathogeographies exhibition at the University of Illinois at Chicago Gallery:
– a respeaking performance on Saturday , June 30 at 2PM
– a series of interventions in public space over the next week
– we conclude with a final presentation on July 7th.

“A Meeting is a Question Between”
BLW invite you to five public meetings in Millenium Park, Chicago, to investigate this site as a theater of (pre-emptive) warfare. We will use different forms of research, including theoretical discussion, re-enactment and body work to reflect upon and intervene into the site.

“I looked in the water of the monument fountain and I saw green.,.”

July 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – at noon sharp
Meet in front of the Exelon Visitors Information Center in Millennium Park and depart from there.
What if?
If you arrive late, please SMS (813)789-0122 and we will reply with our exact location

BLW is: Rozalinda Borcila, Sarah Lewison, Julie Wyman

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