Plausible Art Worlds

Plausible-Artworld3.jpgtipsy and ugly will be going to Philly in September 2006, invited by Basekamp — see below.


Basekamp & received a 2006 Philadelphia Exhibitions initative grant to plan Plausible Artworlds, an international conference and exhibition (to take place in 2007), with a significant web component, devoted to collaborative and socially-engaged artists’ projects and open forms of curatorial practice.

The funding so far is for planning only – we are still seeking funds to stage the actual planned project. In the interim we are asking a small selection of groups to work with us during the planning process in 2006. We see this process as a kind of ’project-in-itself’ which can be a chance to meet, talk and think together about the future. We hope this initial planning stage will grow organically into the planned event for 2007, with tangible outcomes along the way.

We’ve been working with Stephen Wright to aid in pre-organizing a very participatory planning process, including a Strategic Planning Weekend we will host at our space in Philadelphia in September 2006. The Strategic Planning Group will be composed of the Basekamp team, Stephen, and liaisons from the selection of groups who will lend insight and together co-conceptualize the proposed convention and exhibition in 2007.

Confirmed participants for Planning Weekend in Philadelphia:
A Constructed World (Torino, Italy / Melbourne, Australia)
Basekamp (Philadelphia, USA)
Center for getting Ugly (Tampa, USA)
C.cred (London, UK / Malmö, Sweden)
Democratic Innovation (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Institute for Advanced Architecture (NYC/Chicago/LA, USA)
Pond (San Francisco, USA)
Temporary Services (Chicago, USA)
Trinity Session (Johannesburg, South Africa)
What, How and for Whom [WHW] (Zagreb, Croatia)

Remote Participants so far:
Bureau d’etudes (Paris, France)
IRWIN (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

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